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We live in a world that is owned by technology and have a passion using it to enrich our lives. Whilst companies get caught up innovating their brands with the latest device components, they fail and forget to provide adequate power. This is where You need Us.

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On the move, on the go? A flat battery, low battery or device with an umbilical cord attached to the nearest power socket manifests a storm of emotions and discontentment with your device. Power Every Hour is brought to you and will extend the life of your devices. Everyone should own one of our devices! Our mission is to bring awareness to the masses. We provide device longevity to enable you to have freedom, fun and security.

Power Every Hour – Making flat batteries history.

Have fun!

Never miss a chance to capture a moment

Plan Your Power

Love your music? Don't miss out!

Signal Search Eats Battery Life

Don't get drained on your travels

Stay Safe & Connected

Always Be Turned on and Tuned In

Treat a loved one

And ensure you can always communicate

Super Fast Charging

Market Leading Capacity, Premium Cells for Super Fast Charging

Power Bank Charger Dolphin™ 15000mAh from Power Every Hour™

At Power Every Hour, we pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction, Quality of Service and Competitive Prices. Find out some of the benefits to becoming a Power Every Hour product owner and how we can enrich and further your mobile experiences. Scroll down further...

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Here's why you have to grab your hands on this charger...

  • The Dolphin will keep your mind at ease and your devices at full charge.

  • The advanced dual USB 15000mAh Uber Capacity ports take your devices from zero to max in no time.

  • Designed small and light enough to be carried anywhere.

  • Impressive safety system to keep your devices protected.

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Power Every Hour | Power Bank Charger Dolphin | 15000mAh

Don't miss the Power Bank Charger Dolphin features and benefits

The Power Every Hour™ Power Bank Charger Dolphin™ provides device longevity to enable you to have freedom, fun and security!. We 'get' the modern life culture and will add unsurpassed value to your mobile life experiences.

Power Bank Charger Dolphin 15000mAh

15000mAh Charger from Power Every Hour

  • Extend Your Battery Life by 500% PLUS

  • Plan Your Power if you are on the move, away or travelling for business and pleasure

  • Stay Safe And Connected Always delivering huge power and uber charging capability for your mobile device

  • Premium Cells And HUGE 15000mAh Strongest Capacity available on the market most portable, beautiful and practical mobile power solution

  • Superfast full charging in 12 hours meeting the demands of your routine not keeping you waiting

  • Dual USB 2A & 1A Outputs allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously

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